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Our product range is divided into 7 simple categories whether you want children's books or adult colouring books:

  • Sticker Books

  • Magic Painting

  • Colouring Books for All Ages

  • Puzzle Books

  • Adult Colouring Books

  • Novelty Books

  • Christmas Books

Please select a category from the drop-down menu
 above and you can browse through our product ranges.

If you wish to see a large image of any product just click on the cover image and a large version will pop up in the same browser.
We are now adding the ability to browse through the inside pages of some of our titles with cute flipbooks.

You can now purchase some of our colouring books from our I-Read Amazon shop HERE or if you prefer you can download a print quality PDF of a range of our colouring books and adult colouring titles, to print at home whenever you want, from our own I-Read shop HERE 

I-Read Ltd, Kao Hockham Building,Edinburgh Way,Harlow,Essex CM20 2NQ


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